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£300 Welcome Bonus +100 Bonus Spins

Prostect Hall Casino Review About Prospect Hall Casino This is a fairly young casino. It first entered the idea stage in 2008 when its founder created the company Betable. This...

Prostect Hall Casino Review

About Prospect Hall Casino

This is a fairly young casino. It first entered the idea stage in 2008 when its founder created the company Betable. This name still remains in online circles and was funded mostly by investors who believe in the concept of a modern spin on classic online casinos. The design of the site is a shout out to the old days when casinos were supposed to be darker and a bit more mysterious. Prospect Hall has no trouble playing this angle throughout the theme of the site, although it’s very tastefully and mutely done. We know exactly what they mean when they say they want to create a classic experience. One step into the site and you can see that they’ve already done that.

So how well do they stack up against modern casinos? Well, with a great line-up of popular slots, table games, and even a casino arcade, they’ve done a great job keeping up with the times. The flavor of the site is classic but the games are fresh and new. This isn’t an easy trick to pull off in a very picky Internet world where there’s no shortage of casinos to turn to if one doesn’t turn out to be everything it promises to be.

People love Prospect Hall for its exclusive games, too. There aren’t many casinos out there that love the games so much that they go to the trouble of creating their own. This is just one of the many things that makes Prospect Hall special.

When you visit Prospect Hall Casino

Prospect Hall lets you know right off the bat that they’re a big fan of the old days. They want you to feel like you’ve just entered an old school casino. They accomplish this by going with a dark, starry background and cloudy text links to lead you from one place to another. There isn’t an overload of images to drown out the games, either, which is a nice touch. Sometimes the newer casinos go overboard on imagery and end up distracting players from the task at hand: to play and win games.

There is a lot more text than you generally see on other casinos, especially in the support section. This is one of the most nicely laid out support guides you’ll find anywhere. You can tell that they’ve really taken the time to explain things to their players so that they know exactly what they’re getting when they sign up for a Betable account.

Bonus & Free Spins at Prospect Hall Casino

Casinos these days need to offer promotions that stand out from the rest. In this area, Prospect Hall doesn’t make much noise. They do have some nice daily game promotions where you can win free spins and prizes or even free bets on some of the live casino games, but they just don’t throw out a lot of pounds when it comes to the welcome package. It’s one of the most modest welcome packages you’ll find anywhere, and there’s not a no deposit bonus to be found even though a no deposit bonus would draw a lot of players into the mix.

What they do enjoy doing is giving players cashback. Right now, they have a 15% cashback on all losses deal every Wednesday. That’s a modest but regular perk that some players will find appealing. 100 free spins and a £300 is the prize of all newcomers. The bonus is spread out over the first three deposits, so that’s also a nice little bonus but it’s nothing compared to some of the other casinos out there.

Prospect Hall Casino in the Mobile

As a casino born around the time of the mobile app boom, Prospect Hall knew it would need a mobile app to stay relevant. They have one available for the major mobile platforms and people will be pleased at the mobile application, too. It’s nicely done with an easy to follow interface and some great games on there to boot, over 200 in all. You can play on the go while you’re passing the time during slow days. There’s nothing quite like winning money in your spare time. Many of the mobile games are exclusive to Prospect Hall, so you can tell that they really know how to make the mobile platform work in their favor.

Games at Prospect Hall Casino

The gamin at Prospect hall sets it apart from its peers and most people will be pleased with what they have to offer. Don’t expect every game under the sun and appreciate their game selection for its quality. They have slots like When Pigs Fly, Holiday Season, and the chronic favorite Starburst, as well as great table and casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker. The Netent Live Casino makes an appearance here as well.

They show mobile gaming some love here, too, with their list of iOS games that are available. You can tell that this casino grew up during the dawn of the mobile app era because not many casinos these days focus so much on their mobile platforms. Mobile gamers should be delighted with this.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Prospect Hall Casino

You can deposit and withdraw money instantly and with no fees. There is a minimum deposit requirement, but once you meet that small £10 minimum, you’re all set. You can instantly deposit or withdraw by credit or debit card, Paypal, Skrill, or Neteller. It’s a snap. The instant funding will appeal to many gamers who are frustrated at long wait times when they game at other casinos. This is definitely one of the perks of gaming with Prospect Hall.

Getting Help at Prospect Hall Casino

Customer support is the only problem area of Prospect Hall. Most online casinos have very visible phone numbers and contact information while Prospect Hall simply invites you to leave a message on a form. While this might trouble some folks, it really shouldn’t. This casino is operated by Betable, a very visible and well-known online company, so even if they got a bit lax on customer support contact information, they’re still there ready to help and eager to do so. There have been no complaints about customer service thus far and people find them pleasant and responsive.

Prospect Hall wanted to create an old-school casino experience. They’ve accomplished this task with a steady array of bonuses and promotions, solid support information pre-written for players, and a great string of amazing games, both exclusive and known around the web. They’re worth a visit. Grab some free bets, enjoy old school gaming action, and most of all, enjoy being on a website that is still new enough to appreciate the modern outlook on gaming. This is a great age for a gaming website. They’ve got some experience under their belt but they’re not so old that they’ve been left behind by time, and yet they’re still new enough to know what a modern gaming audience really looks for when it logs onto a casino. You can have some great times at Prospect Hall. Join the many other winners there today.

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