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Players who think 3D slots with five reels are not impressive have not checked out this slot. This game attracts even the people who are attracted to detail and accuracy. Jackpot 3333 Slot is the real deal and beats the other entire look alike in the market. It is static and makes players stay focused only on spinning reels and winning large prizes.

Jackpot 3333 slot is from Nyx Interactive software provider. Individuals who have played Nyx Interactive games can attest to the fact that it is always a pleasure to play their games whether they are introducing new features or not. Jackpot 3333 has three reels and five pay lines. Players do not need 3D graphics to be hooked to this slot. Pay tables can be found on both the right and left of the machine and are visible at all times.

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The reels come with fruit icons such as oranges, watermelons, strawberries, and symbol of bells. The most valuable symbol is the melon and players get 50 coins for three melons. For at least three icons of a kind, players see how their total is increasing.

As the game assumes, players can win up to 3333 coins in every game round if they are prepared for some unique features; Jackpot 3333 Slot is their game.

When players hit the right symbols in the right spot, they are given a chance to play another game.

The Joker pay table displays win for three jokers on a line for different bet levels. When a player has a winning combination, they are asked to select either head or tail of the coin and check if their choice has drawn a lot of time. If they win, they continue to play the bonus game again or choose to withdraw their winnings and go back to the regular game.

If they play for the max bet and win, they access the super meter mode. Here, the stakes are much higher. The bet level is automatically two coins while using all five pay lines. Also, players can hit two Jokers anywhere on the reels while playing on this mode. Any combination with two jokers gives games a chance to win 10 to 3333 coins. Thanks to the super meter mode and the bonus round, players have the opportunity to win more cash and get richer.

In other words, when a player chooses to activate the super meter mode, he or she gets a chance to win the 3333-coin jackpot. Also, to hit the maximum prize, the player will have to use maximum coins and get three joker symbols on the pay line. When the player is using less than ten coins, he or she will win 200 to 1600 coins when he gets the three-joker combination. The player can also win mystery prizes such as free spins randomly when they play Jackpot 3333.

Although the design of the symbol and main board are not breathtaking from a graphical point of view, they are not the feature that makes the jackpot 3333 stand out. The sounds of the spinning reels are exciting as they imitate the sounds of the control panel in spaceships.

NYX added this slot to hot slot on 2013-01-08. Players can play with as small as $1.00 up to $2.00. The slot also has a maximum payout of $6,666. A player can place one or two coins on each line; therefore, the maximum bet is $10 per spin.

Why choose Jackpot 3333

• It is easy to understand and play. Most reviewers have given the game high ratings when it comes to this feature. The makers ensured the layout of the game is easy to use.
• Its game speed is fast; players are more likely to enjoy while playing. The software that the game uses is top notch, which makes its speed fast.
• Great betting options.


Jackpot 3333 is the game for Players who would like to try a game with no complicated rules where everything is bright and visible. It offers players great entertainment, a wide range of betting options, free spins, valuable winning combinations and much more. Overall, the game is likely to be captivating to any player as it offers an authentic fruit slot experience.

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