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A Review of When Pigs Fly
There’s that old saying about when pigs fly; e.g. “Yeah, you’ll actually win money playing slots…when pigs fly!” Though for any of you UK residents to ever play slots, one might argue that you’ve never before played a game as easy to win as the When Pigs Fly online slot machine. The reason is simple: This game has a staggering 3,125 paylines. This means that you’re going to be winning something on the majority of your spins. While it is true that most of these wins will be small potatoes and will only help you break even, everyone can agree that this is a lot better than actually losing your money. When Pigs Fly is perhaps one of the easiest to win slot games ever conceived. The reason is that the makers here want to keep you playing. It’s a very attractive interactive machine, featuring 5 reels and a very whimsical, colourful array of characters via the slot symbols. You have the typical 10 through Ace cards, and then a wide assortment of pigs in various states of dress, mostly centered on pilots (e.g. flying pigs).
When Pigs Fly slot

Various spaceships and other flying pigs, along with Wild symbols, really adds a lot of life to this whimsical game. And in terms of betting, you’ll be hard pressed to find another game with such a wide range. You can bet anywhere from 0.5 to 100 pounds per spin, which makes this game ideal for everyone from low-budget beginners to the highest of the high-rollers.

Features of When Pigs Fly Slots

When it comes to features, looks can be very deceiving. For instance, when you first log onto the game and check it out, it looks like a basic 5-reel slot machine with some whimsical characters. Little do most people know that there are literally thousands of different ways to win here, so the combinations are practically endless. And once you add Wilds and Scatters to the over 3,000 paylines, it’s much harder to lose than it is to win, by a long shot. You will also be able to easily tell the Wild symbols from others, as the symbol actually says “Wild” in bright pink sparkles.

A big part of what has made When Pigs Fly such a popular game, especially among those in the UK, is the relative ease with which the game can be played. Not only is the game very easy to figure out in terms of betting and its intuitive interface, but it’s also available on a wide range of platforms. If you use an Apple smartphone, an Android tablet, a desktop PC, or anything else, you can load up and play this game with all its graphics and features. It works on practically every platform there is. That’s a huge plus for people who like playing on the go. The game also has an exciting soundtrack, with rockets blasting off and flying around.

Bonuses and Extras

You can talk a slot machine up as much as you want, but unless the game actually gives you bonus free spins, it’s not really worth playing. Luckily for players of When Pigs Fly, it does give you a bonus game of a maximum of 5 free spins. While this doesn’t seem like a lot on its face, you have to remember that those 3,125 payline also carry over to the extra round game. So this means that your money can be exponentially increased once you make it to the bonus round. By getting any sort of wilds or scatters when you get the extra game, you can easily turn a few pounds into a few hundred pounds. Of course luck plays a role here and they’re not just giving away free money. Though when you look at the odds of winning with When Pigs Fly vs. other similar slot machines, you’ll find that this game gives you far more opportunities to win.

With so many paylines, it can be a bit tricky to trigger the free spins. In actuality, how it works is that you’ll be receiving a re-spin, up to five times, and this means that you get a single free spin on the back of a paid spin, provided that you get the right reels in the right spot. So you’re not necessarily playing a standalone separate game, like the cliched walking the dogs. But you do get plenty of opportunities to earn more money when playing here. The first re-spin gives you an extra 100 ways to win, all the way up to 500 new ways to win, so the wins can be huge!

Pros and Cons of When Pigs Fly Slots


  • Huge winning potential with thousands of paylines
  • Works on every platform
  • Very bright and whimsical design
  • Soundtrack is very entertaining


  • Not a progressive machine
  • Only up to five re-spins

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