Can I get real money of casino bonuses?

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Are Casino Bonuses Actually Real Money?

Every casino player understands the ins and outs of the casino industry just the way football fans are in the know when it comes to issues football. However, there is one thing that splits casino players into two distinct factions.

There is the group of casino players that believe that the bonuses offered by online casinos can be termed as real money. Well, you can use the bonuses to wager on your favorite games, Right? On the other hand, there is another category of players who are adamant that the casino bonuses don’t constitute actual money. As an experienced casino player, I will try to explain why casino bonuses are not real money.

Before commencing on the discussion, we need to be clear on one thing. What is a casino bonus? A casino bonus is any form of reward, token or incentive the casino offers players depending on various circumstances, the most popular being provided during the registration process known as the welcome bonus. Other bonuses offered by online casinos include free spins, comps, freeplay, and no-deposit bonuses just to mention a few.

So, why are casino players inclined to think that the bonuses are real money? And why do other players think of the casino bonuses to be incentives or non-withdrawable credit? The answers to these questions can be found by first understanding how casino bonuses work.

On a regular basis, when visiting your favorite casino’s website, you will never miss seeing the promotional advertisements posted on these sites. These ads claim that on opting in for the promotions currently displayed, players will receive certain financial gains in the form of bonuses. That is why you will come across to something similar to “sign up and deposit to earn yourself a 200% deposit match up bonus.”

Why bonuses are not real money

For individuals who believe that casino bonuses are real money, the basis of their assertions stems from such ads. However, there is more than meets the eye, obviously. At first glance, the bonuses my seem like free money but they are not as free if you look closer. For instance, online casinos may only allow you to only wager the bonus after you deplete your deposit. Therefore, before even using the bonus, you have to make a loss which to me is utter bollocks!

Yes, it is true that the wagering requirements are denominators used to determine whether a player can make a withdrawal or not. If you thought that by simply opting in for a promotion, then having the bonus credited to your account is enough to warrant a withdrawal of the bonus, you are in a fantasy world and I would suggest you snap out of it. Withdrawal of bonuses entirely depends on whether a player meets the minimum wagering requirements or not.

However, even though bonuses are not real money, you can use the bonuses to test new strategies or to get acquitted to new games. Also, it is advisable to wager on games offering higher payouts (RTPs).

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