VR – Virtual Reality and the impact on Online Gambling

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There has been a lot of chatter about incorporating virtual reality into the gambling industry, and this is fast becoming a reality with the adoption of VR technology in the casino industry. It is expected that VR technology will lead to a significant growth of the casino industry by bringing in new casino clients while at the same time boosting client spending in the casino industry. Casino players and stakeholders, who earlier thought that online casinos were the most significant transformation that technology could provide the sector are now awed in surprise at the flexibility of casinos when it comes to the adoption of modern and exciting technology.

So, what is virtual technology? If you are not one of the tech-savvy individuals who keep up with emerging trends in the tech sector, virtual reality or VR as most refer to them is unknown to you. VR is a highly modern and sophisticated technology that uses gadgets that are customized to provide users with realistic sounds and images hence creating an aura of being in a different physical environment. What this means is that VR technology is capable of augmenting reality so that the user feels as is if he/she is in a particular environment or situation, while in fact, they are not.

Now that we are familiar with the term virtual reality, we can proceed to discuss how it is set to revolutionize the gambling industry. Through the incorporation of virtual reality by casinos, the player spending is projected to increase by around 800% from the current expenditure. The additional cash expected to be spent by players will go a long way in growing the industry.

One thing that virtual reality promises to provide players is the delivery of both the entertainment and real money casinos under one roof. Entertainment casinos allow players to take part in casino games at no cost but the rewards player get doesn’t have any monetary value. On the other hand, real money casinos provide a platform in which a player can stake on available games at a cost. The winnings got in real money casinos have monetary value hence can be withdrawn. Using virtual reality, casinos will be able to provide these services simultaneously.

Virtual reality promises to provide a more entertaining casino gaming experience. Some of the features of VR casinos include immersive gaming rooms that have been designed to enable VR casino players with the ability to walk through the virtual environment while exploring it. The same way a player walks into a conventional casino then picks a seat at the tables, VR casino players will be able to do the same. From the comfort of their seats, while wearing VR headsets, players can walk in the virtual casino, pick a position at the tables, have a drink or even light a cigar then take part in the VR casino games. Some of the games currently available for VR casinos include Casino VR Poker and SlotsMillions in collaboration with gaming software developers as Microgaming and NetEnt.

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